September 30, 2019
Simon Berneblad news

Welcome Valhalla Vikings newest recruit – Kastrullen!

You’re brand-new in VhV, can you please tell me something about yourself? I’m very interested in how you decided to transfer from the ordinary solo queue grind into team management. 

I’ve been playing League since season 2 and I started to play with a few teams in season 7. I’ve always been a big fan of League of Legends as well as how you coordinate as a unit. Now for the new season of SEL I wanted to try to lead a team behind the scenes so to speak and therefore I chose to apply to Valhalla Vikings and through them manage their new League of Legends team.

The fourth season of SEL is about to go live, how do you feel for the new season and how does it feel to represent Valhalla Vikings? 

I think season four of SEL will be very exciting, the league has never been this stacked before and I think Valhalla Vikings has a chance to get a high placement. It feels very nice to be able to represent an organization like Valhalla Vikings. I know that they care much about their players and those behind the scenes are very nice and professional.

A positive attitude is important, how is the team and do you think they are hyped?

The attitude is great, everyone seems onboard with the lineup, they are as excited as me to see how it turns out.

As a finale, tell me about something that a only few people know about. Something special about Kastrullen? 
I’m a big fan of collecting old coins!