About Valhalla Vikings

By engaging with our members, players, streamers and content creators on a close & professional level, we look to house some of the best athletes across all titles, genders and platforms and be a stepping stone for them to thrive in the soon-to-be, largest sports industry in the world.


Founded on the 6th of June 2018, Valhalla Vikings is one of the fastest growing organizations in the Swedish e-sports community. Through combining our burning ambition with our passion, we look to become a flagship e-sports organization based in the cold north of Stockholm, Sweden.



– Qualified for the World Cup Finals in New York

-#16 Share the Love Solos
– #15th place Scallywag Cup
– #36 Solo Gauntlet
– #86 Blackheart Cup Finals Solo
– #33 World Cup Warmup Duo Finals
– #16 Luxe Cup Duo Finals
– #15 World Cup Qualifiers Solo week 1
– #7 World Cup Qualifiers Duo week 2
– #18 World Cup Qualifiers Solo week 3
– #29 World Cup Solo Qualifiers Week 1
– #24 World Cup Solo Qualifiers Week 3

League of Legends

  • 3rd place Nordic Championship Summer LoL 2018
  • 1st place Swedish E-sport League Season 1
  • 1st place Dreamhack Summer BYOC 2018
  • 2nd place King of Nordic  2018
  • 3rd place Swedish E-sport League Season 2
  • 1st place Northspawn LAN

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

  • Qualified to Elitserien season 2
  • 3rd place Northspawn LAN


Primary Lightblue

HEX: #c5f4f4
RGB: 197, 244, 244
CMYK: 19, 0, 0, 4


HEX: #adb7cf
RGB: 173, 183, 207
CMYK: 16, 12, 0, 19
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Management Team

The current board members of Valhalla Vikings.

Founder & Director


Joakim Bergström

Founder & Director


Maximilian Burman Brattsell

Marketing Manager


Dave Delaine


E-sports Coordinator


Josefin Cornland

CSGO Manager


André Beland

Website Developer


Oliwer Larsson


Below are a list of roles available within Valhalla Vikings: