August 30, 2020
Linnea cs:go

Albin “Ayoh” Olsson – IGL

Name: Albin “Ayoh” Olsson
Age: 21
City: Stockholm

What do you do outside of CS?

I graduated from High School last summer and ever since then I have only been grinding CS, although occasionally hanging out with some friends haha.

Besides lots of practice with the team how have you been preparing for Elitserien?
Personally I have been trying to improve on my ingame-leading abilities since I am still pretty new at it, so I have been trying to watch some interviews with current IGLs of topteams to try to get some new ideas.

Do you have a specific ritual for match-days?
Before officials I like to be prepared, so if there are demos available of the opposing teams of course I like to watch them beforehand. But it’s always important to focus on your own game, so I make sure to warm up with deathmatch and aimbotz as I do with any other day.

What is your goal for this season?
The goal is always to win, but it’s also important to be realistic so I think the main goal is to stay in Elitserien for the next season. So I believe top 6 would be a good goal to set.

What are your feelings about finally getting to play in Sweden’s biggest CSGO league?
It’s exciting, I have been playing 4 seasons of the Regionseries so far I think, so finally making some progress and getting to move up is definitely satisfying!