August 26, 2020
Linnea cs:go

August “shadyb” Blomén – Support rifler

Name: August “shadyb” Blomén
Age: 22 years old
City: Anderstorp

What do you do outside of CS?
Right now I am not doing anything other than focusing on CS:GO but I have plans to eventually study and get my grades up so I can apply for an education. My only hobby right now is CS:GO but I also watch a lot of tv-shows and like studying on my own free time and learning new things.

Besides lots of practice with the team how have you been preparing for Elitserien?
Since I am the latest addition to the team I have been trying to learn all the positions and strategies they require of me so that I can mesh well into their playstyle. My teammates have been very patient as I have had to learn a lot of new things but I have been doing my best and it feels like things are really starting to come together!
Besides playing with the team and building a relationship with them I’ve also focused on keeping my individual level high, just grinding a lot of CS:GO to put it simply.

Do you have a specific ritual for match-days?
I don’t prepare in any specific way, at least not more than I would a normal pracc-day. Usually I go to bed late so during match days I make sure to get up early, giving myself time to wake up, eat and prepare mentally.
Sometimes if I feel like it I’ll play a bit of extra deathmatch or watch a fragmovie to get into the feeling. Other than that I just clear the console and take a “snus”. 

What is your goal for this season?
To reach playoffs, 100%.

What are your feelings about finally getting to play in Sweden’s biggest CSGO league?
It’s going to be really fun and I’m looking forward to it. I qualified earlier this year with my previous team, who represented Valhalla Vikings aswell, but I left before the season started so this will be my first run in Elitserien.
We come in as the underdogs but I really hope we will be able to do some damage and show them what we are made of!

We hope so too August, and can’t wait to see you play this season.
Stay tuned for the next interview.