June 9, 2019
Maximilian Burman fortnite

Introducing: Stuffs to the Fortnite roster!

World Cup qualifiers are just around the corner. Valhalla Vikings has as such decided to move forward in the direction of a Fortnite Academy project, housing young talent to help them improve and nurture these players into being able to create a career in esports for themselves. Following below is a little bit about our new player: Stuffs!

Welcome to Valhalla Vikings Stuffs!

“Thank you, happy to have signed with Valhalla Vikings!”

Can you tell everyone who you are?

“My name is Matt “Stuffs” Longhurst I am a 17 year old Competitive Fortnite player from the united kingdom, i have been playing Fortnite since day one with the goal to be the best, I have been playing Fortnite competitively for 9 months.

You’ve just signed a contract to compete under the Valhalla Vikings banner during the World Cup. How do you feel about this?

“Being signed to VHV (Valhalla Vikings) feels amazing and has given me a huge confidence boost and the services that they provide have changed my mindset and have increased my skill drastically, therefore I am excited to see what the future hold for myself especially under the VHV brand ”

What made you decide to sign with us?

“I had many offers from many orgs, however i decided to sign with VHV as they truly showed a passion for the player and ensuring that their players have the best opportunity to perform their best as well as improve. VHV has also a tight nit management as well as player base making it much easier to speak with people and be vocal allowing me improve my teamwork skills and also have a good relationship with the management”

What are your thoughts going forward?

“I am highly excited to see what the future holds now that i am able to utilize the services and staff that VHV have on board. With my main goal being to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup in New York city, and then after that to continue to play Fortnite at a competitive level representing VHV as best i can”

We welcome Stuffs to Valhalla Vikings! We’re gonna do amazing things together!