October 4, 2019
Simon Berneblad news

Introducing VhV:s brand new League of Legends roster!

Season 4 of the Swedish Esports League is about to go live, without a doubt Valhalla Vikings will be there to compete for the title of Swedens best League of Legends team.

After two weeks of tryouts and careful consideration we finally have chance to introduce our new roster consisting of some of the finest young players we’ve ever meet.

In the toplane we’ve gotten the well-known player Raxes.

In the Jungle no other than Lövhögen whom many of the Swedish League of Legends players most likely have heard about!

In the midlane we’ve got a imported player, more specifically Missclick whom isn’t only a top tier German player but also a close friend to Lövhögen.

Down on botlane we’ve found the micro maniac Kiregnu, whom together with the macro genius from Norway MasterMixer will most definatly show of some epic plays!

Valhalla Vikings are super hyped for season 4 as it will be one of the hardest seasons yet and our players have to give it all to come out on top!

Our game schedule is published below and all the matches will be streamed at our Twitch, casted by noone else than Gripen Esports former owner Simon Berneblad.

Wednesday, October 9
Wind and Rain – Valhalla Vikings

Saturday, 2019-10-12
Lightside Gaming – Valhalla Vikings

Wednesday, 2019-10-16
Nordic Fox Esports – Valhalla Vikings

Saturday, 2019-10-19

Shadow Stalkers SSG – Valhalla Vikings

Wednesday, 2019-10-23

Uniq esports club – Valhalla Vikings

Saturday, 2019-10-26

Hybrid Esports – Vallhalla Vikings

Wednesday, 2019-10-30

Falkn – Valhalla Vikings

Saturday, 2019-11-02

Godsent – Valhalla Vikings

Wednesday, 2019-11-06

Granit Gaming – Valhalla Vikings