April 3, 2019
Joakim Bergström news

Introducing: Zaquez, to the Fortnite Roster

World Cup qualifiers are just around the corner. Valhalla Vikings has as such decided to sign two new Fortnite players. Following below is a little bit about Zaquez.

Welcome to Valhalla Vikings Zaquez!

“Thank you! Excited to be here.”

Can you tell everyone who you are?

I am a 16 year old swede competing in the VHV Fortnite Roster. I have been playing games since I was a little kid, but in recent years I have been playing them more competitive than before. Fortnite is the first game I get signed in and I am excited to see what I can do.”

You’ve just signed a contract to compete under the Valhalla Vikings banner during the World Cup. How do you feel about this?

“It feels great being picked up by Valhalla Vikings before the World Cup. Having an organisation to play under means a lot and I hope I can do well for the org. It’s a great confidence booster and it feels good to play.”

What made you decide to sign with us?

“I decided to sign with VHV because of their great ambitions for their players. I have only heard great things and they work as a “talent factory” where they always want the players best and not for their own gain. This is the main reason as I feel like I can build a name for myself with 100% support.”

What are your thoughts going forward?

“Going forward I would love to perform in future LAN events, and obviously the World Cup. I hope to do great things with my duo Niico under the organisation.”

We welcome Zaquez to Valhalla Vikings! We’re gonna do amazing things together!