August 23, 2020
Linnea cs:go

Jesper Bromér – Rifler

We are all very excited to watch our team participate in the fall season of Elitserien 2020 cs:go. During the time up until September 1st, the starting date, we will be doing player interviews. First out is Bromér, let’s get to know him!

Name: Jesper “Bromér” Bromér
Age: 23
City: Södertälje

What do you do outside of CS?
Outside of CS I play other games and I like cooking. I have been a substitute for some schools but not so much during covid.

Besides lots of practice with the team, how have you been preparing for Elitserien?
To be honest I have not really given elitserien alot of thought, I will just show up and do what I love.

Do you have a specific ritual for match-days?
For match days I make sure I am awake and ready, I usually do around 2 hours of deathmatch before the game.

What is your goal for this season?
My personal goal for this season is to win, it always is.

What are your feelings about finally getting to play in Sweden’s biggest CSGO league?
 I think that Elitserien is a good opportunity for us to grow as a team, but I have bigger plans than just Sweden.

Thanks for sharing Bromér. Keep an eye out on our social media for the coming interviews.