Since 1993, based on its professional R&D expertise, enormous production capacity and high Quality Assurance, FSP has achieved an important position in the challenging IT industry. To strengthen the brand image and to provide better service to our customers, FSP built its own brand in 2003.
FSP has a good understanding of customer needs, which includes providing products of high quality and reliability, after-sales service and continuous development of new products. It can be prominently seen in such as our products like highly efficient Aurum series and the fanless Zen series.
As a result, innovation and high quality are the most important advantages of FSP. In the future, FSP will continue innovating new technology to meet customers’ needs with its professional R&D team and after-sales service. To provide highly efficient and innovative products for all families and enrich everyone’s life, now and in the future continuously is our mission.


Gaming and popular culture is something that today is close to many of us. Most of us have a favorite movie, series or game we fell in love with. Just as the football lover pulls on the favorite team’s shirt before the match, you might have a favorite shirt you wear before playing the ranked games, or a collectible that gives you good fortune. Our idea is to offer clothes and gadgets that help you take a step closer to what you like, whether it’s a favorite game, series or movie. Welcome to Loot Land.

YLDR is all about creating clothes and experiences that really are carved out to meet all the specific requirements from esports when it comes to design, function and customer service.

Join us on our journey to be the number one esportswear in the world!