August 27, 2020
Linnea cs:go

Philip “Fjant” Sjökvist – Rifler

Todays interview will be with Fjant, our rifler playing the entry-fragging duo with Bromér.

Name: Philip Sjökvist
Age: 20
City: Skövde

What do you do outside of CS?
I like to hang out with friends, watch movies and I’m currently in college for Computer Science.

Besides lots of practice with the team how have you been preparing for Elitserien?
Took a small break before the season began, and also I’ve been doing some indiviual work, such as aim practice and demo watching.

Do you have a specific ritual for match-days?
Making sure to eat a good meal before the start of our game, and some aim practice. 

What is your goal for this season?
Ofcourse to win elitserien, but realistically it is to be top 4 and play for the big prizes. 

What are your feelings about finally getting to play in Sweden’s biggest CSGO league?
It’s definitely the biggest highlight of my career so far. It kinda feels like redemption, to finally show all the people that me and my teams skill is at this level.