Ante Wilhelmsson


18 Sweden

Player Description

Have play for Ebersteinska on a few lans and in League of Schools and then I joined DFL before Nordic fox in SEL. I managed to win Dreamhack summer 2019 with Nordic Fox. I have also play with a team called DNWP and our best accomplishment was 3-4th place in Bulgaria on Comic Con 2019. I have peak rank 3 in EUNE with 1100+ lp and 270 LP Grandmaster EUW. I started to play League in season 3 but took a one year break right after and did not play season 4. I was focusing more on World of Warcraft and floorball. In season 5 I came back and got diamond pretty fast and have play league since then. The most random or funny thing in league must have been one of the baron plays with Nordic Fox versus Lightside Gaming in SEL.