February 10, 2020
Simon Berneblad news

Regarding the CS:GO roster.

Lately Valhalla Vikings have been reorganized it’s management within Fortnite as VHV decided to invest more time into Counter-Strike Global Offensive. A few days ago VHV announced two roster changes were Alex “AHLIN” Ahlin and Joakim “Teebowl” Mårs, would be departing. This resulted in a conflict, as per Elitseriens rules, a core consisting of at least 3 players had to be competitors in the former season of Regionserien for the spot in Elitserien to be valid.
This was no longer the case after Joakim and Alexs departure. 

This put Valhalla Vikings in a strange position as we were not informed by the three remaining players that they would not be able to compete in Elitserien if Alex and Joakim were replaced. VHV were not happy about replacing any players, but VHV did not feel comfortable dictating the players roster decisions and thus allowed the replacements to happen. This was a misstake from our side as VHV should’ve read the rules as well and be more engaged in the decision the players made, there were room for improvments which VHV should’ve promoted before doing changes within the roster.

Last night negations ensued after midnight and a decision was made to keep the core roster consisting of August “Shadyb” Blomén, Joakim “Teebowl Mårs, Alex “AHLIN” Ahlin, as well as Hampus “Fejden” Lindqvist whom was replaced before the roster signed with VHV. This was the only outcome were Valhalla Vikings would have representation in Elitserien and to keep on working with the majority of the players.

Therefore VHV would like to thank Emil “Karma” Bäremo and Max “mre” Stjernqvist, as they will be departing from our CS:GO roster.
Kevin “LDNN” Lindfalk whom recently signed as main coach will also departure from the roster. Valhalla Vikings have been very grateful for your time and we hope that our paths will cross once again.

Valhalla Vikings are not happy about the situation and how it unfolded. But VHV will keep on working towards making this roster a success and there are several amazing things on its way, stay tuned and #ascendtogether

Maxi Burman Brattsell, Chief executive operations, Valhalla Vikings (VHV).

Simon Berneblad, Chief Operating Officer and communications lead, Valhalla Vikings (VHV).

Gilbert Nathell, Gaming lead, Valhalla Vikings (VHV). 

André Beland, CS:GO director, Valhalla Vikings (VHV).