February 13, 2019
Admin news

SEL Season 2

A new year has begun, and Valhalla Vikings’ new League of Legends roster started 2019 by placing third in season 2 of the Swedish Esports League. The year isn’t the only thing that’s new, we are also sporting a new roster!

The active roster now consists of:

Top: MeLikePanda
Jungle: King Loko
Mid: Twiizt
Marksman: Frilla
Support: KRP

Valhalla Vikings takes third place as SEL Season 2 comes to an end! Congratulations to our League of Legends-team for placing third in the second season of SEL! We are very excited for what is to come from our newly formed roster as the year goes on, and we are certain that this year… we will #AscendTogether.

Smooth sailing as Valhalla Vikings wins SEL Season 1!