December 23, 2019
Simon Berneblad news

Thank you

A statement from our CEO: Maxi

Hello Vikings, 2019 has ended and we now enter 2020 with hunger, ambition and high spirits!
2019 has for sure been an interesting year for all of us to say the least, with many high peaks and low points. At points I’ve been ready to shut down the project entirely, and at other times I’ve felt ready to quit my job and go all-in for this project. But in the end I’ve never been known as a quitter and I have everyone in my wonderful staff-team to thank for pushing me and making 2019 the year it has been.

They remind me of the high points rather than the low. They re-fuel me with the passion and ambition that I’ve always had with Valhalla Vikings and are one of the two major reasons we’re still going strong today. So I direct a massive genuine thank you to the following people: Joakim ‘Kackis’ Bergström, David ‘Dave’ Landgren, André Beland, Totte Wallin, Simon Berneblad, Gilbert Nathell, Marcus Söderström, Emma Edlund, Noè (NM), Harry, Tony, Evans, Levi and CRB.

The other reason that has got me and this project to where we are today is of course; all the players we’ve worked with: Bravado, Quinncidence, Frilla, KRP, Yuzen, MeLikePanda, Cast, Polterr, Verox, Kris, Niico, Zaquez, Crue, Chapix, Stuffs, iDrop, Edr4K1ll, Dangoms, Imsdalo, Jen7, Kroko, Laxus, Shadow, Hayes, Som1, Tiirex, Aspect, F1chmonsta, Shifty, Ghostface, Rosatoppar, Tastie, Blue Blue, Raxes, Lövhögen, Missclick, MasterMixer, Kiregnu, Clearso, Willyhard, Heavy, Kstrm, Enzaya, Sensey.
A HUGE thank you for your wonderful achievements under our banner!

Now we move forward in 2020 with many great things planned and we hope you are as excited as us to keep following along this crazy journey through the north as the Vikings we are!


Maxmilian ‘Maxi’ Burman
Founder & CEO
Valhalla Vikings