May 2, 2020
Linnea cs:go

Valhalla Vikings signs new CS:GO roster

We are excited to announce the signing of our new CS:GO roster. With their combined experience and skill the former “ChampionsClub” have successfully taken the lead in this season of Regionserien Väst with 13 wins and 2 losses so far.  Our last run in Elitserien came to an unfortunate end, although there are no hard feelings, we are hopeful in seeing this lineup go even further!

Please welcome:
Albin “Ayoh” Olsson, 21, Stockholm
Philip “FjanT” Sjökvist, 19, Skövde
Adam “Skeight” Karlsson, 22, Örebro
Jesper “Bromér” Bromér, 22, Stockholm
Tim “Phaai” Lormén, 27, Uddevalla

Their roles
Ayoh is playing the role of In Game Leader, though it’s not his usual role he decided to give it a try after their previous IGL left and they didn’t have anyone to fill the spot. So far it has been going well! Phaai is their AWPer and Bromér and Fjant are their entryfraggers. Skeight plays as support alongside Ayoh. 

Team history
Ayoh, FjanT and Bromér have been playing together as a team for a year now and Phaai joined 7 months ago. Their newest addition is Skeight, who originally joined as a stand-in but turned out to be a really good fit to the team. They have all played a couple of seasons of Regionserien before but this is their first season with this lineup. 

We are wishing them the best of luck in their upcoming games and welcome them to Valhalla Vikings. You will be able to follow their progress on our stream and social media.