January 2, 2020
Simon Berneblad news

Valhalla Vikings signs new CS:GO roster

At the end of 2019 Valhalla Vikings decided to sign a new CSGO roster as the contract with the former team expired. Valhalla Vikings would like to thank Som1, Tiirex, Aspect, F1chmonsta, Shifty, Ghostface for their performance and inspiring 2nd place on Northspawn in November last year. It was a fun ride, but all parties has to move on and find new successes elsewhere.

Valhalla Vikings have found some new Vikings, namely the former winners of Regionserien  South 2019 and ex players from StarWish eSports. These young talents has been signed and thus, a new era of Viking-CSGO has started. They will represent Valhalla Vikings in “Elitserien”, the most prominent and prestigious tournament in Swedish Counter-strike.

Please welcome:
Max (mre) Stjernqvist
Joakim (Teebowl) Mårs
Emil (Karma) Bäremo
August (shadyb) Blomén
Alex (AHLIN) Ahlin

I’ve spoken to the team captain and In-game leader, Teebowl and he has the following to say about their entry in Valhalla vikings.

How do you and your team feel about entering Valhalla Vikings as well as placing as high as you did in Regionserien?

We’re very excited to be joining Valhalla Vikings, with a devoted Swedish organization backing us up we believe 2020 is going to be a great year. We ended our run in “Regionserie South” with a record of 20-2 placing, 1st in the league granting us an elitserie spot which was our goal when we made the team so we were thrilled.

What are the feelings of advancing up to Elitserien, will you be able to keep up the insane skill you showed off during Regionserien and will you be able to handle the “greater” competition?

Right now, the atmosphere in the team is really good. We just brought in Mre who has meshed really good with all of us. We are trying to have a chill vibe in the group outside of official (or unofficial) games to keep us close, thus it was pretty relieving when we noticed how well we bounded with Mre.

How would you say that the overall atmosphere is in the team? I think your new found fans would love to know you a bit more personal, can you please provide the readers with something unique that manly people don’t know about you?

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