April 16, 2020
Linnea rainbow six siege

Valhalla Vikings signs R6 roster

About a month ago on March 22nd we signed our first Rainbow Six Siege roster consisting of five UK based players. This was very exciting for us as we had not dipped our toes into the R6 scene before. 

Please welcome
Piers ‘RampaGe’ Eastwood, 19
Jordan ‘Cyber’ Venables, 20
Will ‘Tenui’ McWhannell, 20
Ben ‘Kinon’ Sayer, 18
Corey ‘Coreyyy’ Rowett, 17

When we brought them on they were playing season 3 of The Scottish Esports league, with very impressive results. They ended up on 3rd/4th place and will go after the qualifier for season 4 in May hoping for an even higher place this time. Next up they are preparing for the CCS Esports League, as well as Epic LAN 30 and ESLUK Premiership. 

The team has been playing together for 3 months, however  RampaGe, Kinon And Corey have all teamed together under WeVicious for 3 months prior. So the additions of Cyber and Tenui really bolstered their opportunities of competing, Cyber with LAN experience and Tenui with his raw gun skill. They are currently in the process of recruiting a sixth player.

We wish them the best of luck in their upcoming games and look forward to seeing their progress!