September 1, 2020
Linnea cs:go

Welcome Maikel “kMs” Yuksel as coach!

We are excited to announce the signing of Maikel as our CS:GO coach. He has been working behind the scenes for a few weeks now, as well as joining our team on their bootcamp in Stochholm. We are all glad to have him onboard and feel this is a great addition for the coming Elitserien season.

Name: Maikel Yuksel
Age: 30
City: Gothenburg

What do you do outside of CS?
I work as a Sales Manager for Telenor in the position of acting Regional Sales Manager. I’m mainly responsible for two stores in central Gothenburg with 16 sales representatives. I have always loved coaching and leadership so when I got this job about a year ago it was truly a dream come true.

Do you have previous experience with regionserien/Elitserien?
Yes I do, I coached Crowns Esports Club who had a rough Elitserien season, they had other challenges that needed to be worked on and needless to say, we stand on opposite side this season as they now play for High Coast Esport going with that strong foundation that was built during our time together, so in the long run, it worked out!

How do you feel about joining Valhalla Vikings and your thoughts about the players?
I feel great, I have had alot of discussions with Maxi regarding the plans for Valhalla Vikings and he seem to be a person with mind and heart at the right place. It feels like a serious organisation with alot of people working around the clock to make the experience for player and fans seamless.
As far as the team goes I’ve had nothing but good feelings. They are a bunch of extremly talented, hard-working and open minded individuals that really appreciate feedback and getting coached.
Something that alot of teams and players usually overlook is the mental aspect and the team building outside of the actual gameplay. The actual gaming aspect is one thing, but combining that with the right off screen preparations aswell as a strong team foundation will improve the end results ingame tremendously..

The best part about being a coach?
Seeing players grow as individuals, when they take something that you’ve given them feedback on that doesn’t necessarily directly impact the game but when applied in the right way affects the end-results ingame aswell.
For example, how to give feedback, not as players but as individuals and how to react when receiving feedback. To see that becoming something that ends up improving their ingame performance is a great feeling. The occasional ingame calls when they hit right is awesome aswell haha! I’ve had a few already and been lucky so far so that feels great.

What is your goal for this season?
My goal is that we create a strong foundation, a team that will last through thick and thin. That the players feel healthy in themselves mentally and physically aswell as in our team. My belief however is that sky is the limit for us, seeing what we can do, I truly believe that anything is possible.

What are your feelings about coaching in Sweden’s biggest CSGO league?
It feels amazing, Im glad to be a part of this journey and really grateful for you guys reaching out to me. I get to live my dream together with the team that I’ve come to appreciate alot in a short period of time.