September 28, 2019
Simon Berneblad news

Welcome Rosatoppar, Team Captain in Valhalla Vikings newly signed Rocket League team!

You and your team is brand-new in VhV, can you please tell me something about yourself?

Of course! I, as many other competitive players have often played video games since we were young. My first console were a PlayStation and soon after my brother got a Nintendo 64 and that’s were my passion for gaming started.

I did also enjoy playing a lot of hockey, floor ball and basketball when I were young, so the whole competitive setting has always been a part of my life. Unlike other Swedes I’ve had a lack of interest in soccer which is pretty ironic as I’m playing soccer but with cars. I’ve watched a lot of montages on Youtube which introduced me to the competitive aspect of video games and how serious gaming actually can be. With the help of my former competitive perspective and overall love for video games, Rocket League became a clear choice for me. The team spirit and feeling of scoring an insane goal is amazing, especially when the whole team roars out of joy.

The 2nd season of “Raketligan” is about to go live, how do you feel about that and how does it feel to represent Valhalla Vikings?
I’m very excited about having a organization behind us as it pressures and motivates us to both perform and improve. We are very confident in a top tier placement this season.
Having a great attitude is important, but how is the overall atmosphere and team spirit between you and GrimBeast and Tastie?
Now when we are representing Valhalla Vikings we’ve found a new optimistic attitude. I’m under the impression that we will adopt over the season.
As a finale, please tell us something that very few people know about!

When I was younger, I hit a hockey puck to hard and broke my left thumb. This happened twice…