March 11, 2019
Admin fortnite

Introducing: Polterr, to the Fortnite Roster!

The time for the World Cup in Fortnite is almost here. Valhalla Vikings have as such signed a new player to our roster. We had the chance to ask him some questions to get him introduced to you guys as well.

Welcome to Valhalla Vikings Polterr!
‘Thank you, great to be a part of an amazing organisation with the same ambitions and values as myself. Very excited for the future.’

Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
‘I am 14 from South East England, I have been playing games since I was 4 years old where I played Pokemon and Mario until I was 10-11. I started playing Fortnite in October 2017 and since then always strived to be the best player I possibly could be.’

You’ve just signed a 4 month contract with us, how does it feel being picked up now just before the world cup?
‘It’s a big confidence booster being picked up before the World Cup and I’m excited to go into it under the Vikings. I’m trying to turn my nerves into excitement and I can’t wait to compete and show what I’m capable of.’

What made you decide to sign with us?
‘I chose Valhalla Vikings because of my relationship with the current players on the roster, the incredible staff behind the Org and their ambitions for the future, and of course the contract was a good deal.’

What are you looking to achieve with Valhalla Vikings going forward?
‘Going forward I would like to win and place well in as many tournaments as possible and continue to improve as a player in the coming months.’

We welcome Polterr to Valhalla Vikings! We’re gonna do amazing things together!